For decades, users recovered Mac outlook data through OLM files. That sometimes worked, sometimes did not. It failed to give professional results, and it may have created many other complications at other times. That is when we felt the need for change. 

For a compelling Mac outlook recovery solution, we needed a better alternative, and “OLK14Message Recovery” provides exactly that…and a bit more.

OLK14Message Recovery” interacts and recovers OLK14 files directly in the case of corruption, not with the OLM files. This is the first time where a tool is capable of striking at the most basic, raw file format – OLK14Message – instead of the exported, database-Archived file format – OLM.

Difference in OLK14Message and OLM Files?

OLK14Message Files

Outlook creates local copies of email messages, their headers, contents, and attachments.

It stores the email in the each separate files called OLK14Message. Moreover, only email headers are stored in OLK14Message, and the content is stored in OLK14MSGSOURCE.

When you browse the list of your emails, Outlook loads OLK14Message files to show you the headers of the emails. Likewise, it loads OLK15MSGSource files when you click a particular email to access the content.

OLKMessage is the direct, immediate storage format where Outlook stores emails temporarily in identity. Outlook executes and interacts with them directly when performing its major functions, like sending, receiving, and managing emails. That is why; it works better to recover OLK14Message files compared to other type of file formats. More on that later.

OLM Files

On the contrary, according to Microsoft – “OLM is a file exported by Outlook for Mac that contains a user's e-mail messages, contacts, calendar events, and other information. An Outlook for Mac Data File can be used as an archive or to transfer data between computers.”

Users export the data into OLM files; Outlook does not use it or interact with it directly during any of its functions. We use OLM files to transfer the data somewhere else, to back up the data for future use, and similar other uses. 

Benefits of OLK Recovery

For all these years, we – the developers –created tools that recover the data from OLM files. This is the first time in history where Gladwev Software has succeeded in finally bringing a Mac Outlook recovery and email migration tool that performs directly by interacting with OLK14Message files.

Let us take a brief look why recovering OLK14Message files works much better than the OLM recovery method.

No hassle of first exporting the data to OLM:

When the data is corrupted, it is a huge challenge to export the data to OLM. Ironically, all of the common tools recover data from OLM files. However, it cannot be successful or effective when users face problems to export the data to OLM in the first place. “OLK14 Message Recovery” eliminates the need to export the data to OLM. It can efficiently recovers your data from OLKMessage files directly.

OLK14Message Recovery is safer

We observed that exporting the data from Mac outlook to OLM files could be risky. Users reported many failures, data loss, and data corruption during the exporting task itself. It might make corruption more prominent rather than repairing it.

Therefore, OLK14Message recovery is not only capable of recovering the corrupted files, but reduces the risk of further corruption or unwanted modification.

OLK14Message Recovery is quicker

OLK14Message Recovery is much quicker, straightforward, and simple. It eliminates much of the unnecessary tasks and decreases the overall working time for the end users.

OLK14Message Recovery is simpler

Recovering OLK14Message files is much simpler, compared to recovering OLM files. Our tool helps you recover OLK14Message files in practically three simple and easy steps.

Specify the location of your Outlook installation folder (It is automatic if the location is default) – Choose the folders you want to recover – Choose the format you want for the recovered files (more on that later), and presto! By the time you are back from a five-minute tea break, it has recovered and converted OLK14messsage files for you.

OLK14Message Recovery is more accurate and thorough

Archived OLM files can be corrupted, and they could be missing crucial data. Since it recovers OLK14Message files directly, the recovery and the conversion is accurate and thorough.

Therefore, OLK14Message Recovery is much more accurate and the process is thorough. There are no data integrity issues, no data loss, and no unwanted data modification. All your recovered and converted files will be there as you expected, just as it was originally in your Mac outlook before corruption.

More Features

OLK14Message Recovery Tool lets you Convert to other formats

Just as you finish the third step of the recovery process, it asks you to specify the format in which you want to save your recovered OLK14Message files.

This means, it not only recovers the corrupted OLK14 files, but also performs as a powerful email migration tool.

You can specify whether you want to save the recovered OLK14 files in Entourage 2004/2008 files, Outlook Mac 2011, Outlook Windows PST, Applemail, Address book, Icalendar (ical), Thunderbird, postbox, .vcf, .ics, *.mbox, or *.eml.

Merge contacts or calendar items into one .vcf and .ics file respectively

You can even merge all of your contacts into one *.vcf (Virtual Contact File). VCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards. You can use VCFs on Windows and Mac operating systems, and on iPhones to load contacts directly into the user's mobile device.

This is extremely useful in many cases (having a backup, exporting, importing, transporting, flexibility, etc.).

Similarly, merge all of your calendar items into one *.ics file. ICS file is a universally accepted calendar format file. It can be highly useful because many email clients and calendar programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal; use it.

You can download the free trial version directly from here -

The free trial version can allow you to recover and convert 10 OLK14Message files from each folder. Once you are confident with the tool, you can buy the full-licensed version to recover unlimited number of OLK14 files.

We offer responsive and helpful support team, which is 24*7 ready to assist you in any way possible. In addition to that, after your first purchase, there are no hidden costs or any kind. The software is lifetime free, and you will even get all the future updates free of cost.

Order it now, and experience the revolutionary level of Mac outlook data recovery!

8 sep 2014