Outlook 2011 users occasionally encounter a situation where they lose messages from outlook 2011 email client. However, when they search for same in Spotlight, it gives the exact same message in search result. But on opening the message outlook is unable to open them. These messages carry .olk14messages extension. OLK14 extensions are generated by outlook 2011 and used for storing messages in identities. However, these cannot be opened by outlook individually as these are linked with identities and also with various other extensions as outlook 2011 breaks messages into different parts while storing. For example, a single message is broken into three parts viz header, body and attachments and stored as .olk14messages in Messages directory, .olk14msgsource in Message Source directory and Message Attachments directory.

The above factor makes it very difficult to identify and read messages manually. You might be able to read excerpts of messages using a text editor but it would be of no use without header and attachments. This is where OLK 14 Message Recovery comes into picture as it is able to read and collate olk14 message files into respective emails and further convert them into various formats readable by almost all major email clients. OLK 14 Message Recovery is the only application capable of reading and converting olk14 messages directly from outlook 2011 Microsoft User Data identity database.

Apart from email messages OLK14 Message Recovery application is also capable of recovering contacts, calendar etc from the database. It can convert OLK14 messages into various formats like rge, mbox, pst, eml etc supported by almost all major email clients so that you can easily migrate or transfer the OLK14 messages into email client of your choice. Not only does it recover the data but also keeps its integrity as well preserving important details like date and time stamps, email data hierarchy, folder structure etc.

Moreover, the recovery and conversion process is completely automated and does not require manual intervention. If you are using it on the same system on which outlook 2011 resided, it will automatically pick the database from its default location. Manual interference is limited to giving the location of Microsoft User Data database and that too only if you are trying to recover data from database from an alternate system or location.

OLK14 Message Recovery also give you freedom to choose the desired email folders for recovery. It loads database in application and displays a preview of database with folder hierarchy and number of emails in each folder. You may deselect the folder you do not require and only select the required folders for conversion making the process faster and output file easily manageable.

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