This tutorial will guide you on How to Recover Mail data from OLK14 Message files of Outlook 2011 Mac in a format compatible with Outlook Mac 2011 for a reimport and usability.

  1. Download OLK Message Recovery Tool

    You can download OLK14 Message Recovery application from: Click Download for Mac Button. Your download will start automatically and you can find the file under “Downloads”

  2. Begin Installation of OLK Message Recovery Tool

    After the download is complete, click on the downloaded “OLK14 Message Recovery 1.0.101.dmg” to begin installation. Click Continue to proceed.

  3. Run OLK Message Recovery Tool Setup Wizard

    OLK14 Message Recovery App setup wizard will open. Click on “Install”. You will be prompted for your Administrative system User name and Password. Please enter and click Install Software. Installation is finished, please click close.

  4. Launch OLK Message Recovery Tool

    Now Launch OLK14 Message Recovery App by clicking Go under File Menu >> Applications >> OLK14 Message Recovery. You are Presented with Options to proceed with conversion. Express mode is recommended as it Auto detects your OLK14 Message File from default profie location of Outlook Mac.  If the OLK14 Message files are located on any folder other then the default location. Please choose the Custom option and select choice Outlook 2011 database/ Identity folder and point to the Folder containing your OLK14 Message files.


  5. Recovery Tool Reads through OLK Files

    OLK14 Message Recovery App reads your OLK14 files in the folder  and displays the folder structure. Please choose the folders you would like to be recovered. 

  6. Choose a Format to recover the OLK files Mail data

    You have a choice to save the recovered data for import into Entourage, Outlook Mac , Outlook windows, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, mbox, eml file format. After Choosing the desired output format  click “Next” to start. You may choose to Merge the Contacts and calendar events into one. You will be prompted to choose a folder to save the recovered output file. It is recommended to Create a New Folder by the Name of “Recovered OLK14 Maildata” on Desktop for easy find-ability.

  7. Let the recovery process run for a while, Grab a coffee

    OLK14 Message Recovery App will start the recovery process. You may go grab a coffee for a while. By the time you are back the recovery should be completed.

  8. Recovery Completed with recovery report

    Once the Recovery is completed . A report on recovered  data status is displayed and desired Output file has been created. Click on Locate button to have a look at the Output file or you may directly navigate to Desktop >> “Recovered OLK14 Maildata” folder you created on your own to find the recovered data.

  9. Import recovered OLK Mail data to desired mail Client

    Now you May proceed to import the data to the desired Mail client.